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You Feel Sad? Unmotivated? Tired out? 5 Signs that you are depressed

Depression is widespread but little known.

Indeed, it is believed that only people with head problems are depressed or that depression is a disease.

But is not so, and you will understand by reading this article.

However, a well known thing is that depression only brings problems, and very large.

Imagine having a fifteen-pound backpack on your shoulders all day for 365 days a year. And, even when you shower and make love with your partner.

Depression is like that backpack; Heavy, uncomfortable and always with you.

I know what you are thinking; ”You feel unmotivated, trieste and tired, and you are wondering if you are depressed or if it is just a difficult time.”

Fortunately, there are some signs that warn of impending danger. They signal that something is actually wrong and needs to be changed to avoid serious consequences.

For example; Too much work… Or the lack of time to devote to the people we love… O Living in a place that doesn't make us feel good… Or the lack of enjoyable activities.

Whatever the reason, There are 5 signals we need to pay attention to:


1# Be tired (More than usual)

The days begin to weigh more than usual.

This happens to a bit for all activities, even the basic ones like cooking dinner.

The person feels tired, but he knows he has done nothing outside the norm.

This happens because our brains and bodies are no longer able to function properly when we are depressed. It is as if the vital energies have vanished.

But where did the energies go?

Energies are constantly replenished thanks to food and rest.

But few know that there is another fundamental factor that enters the individual's energy balance: the pleasure.

Pleasant actions return fundamental energies to our body through the activation of hormones and chemical mediators in our brain.

The chronic absence of this type of action makes one perceive fatigue more strongly, develops negative and discouraging thoughts, it also makes recovery more difficult.

But if a person is aware of their actions in a natural way, the energies never run out.


2# Too much sleep or (Too much) Little bit

People with atypical depression sleep too much, both day and night. By too much I mean more than nine hours in a span of 24 ore.

They feel tired, their heads are heavy and they just want to rest.

Sometimes, But, depression can manifest itself in the opposite way, with disturbed and interrupted sleep.

These people keep thinking and still thinking, for this reason they cannot rest.

When they can't take it anymore, they take somnifferences which make them sleep but do not solve the cause of their insomnia.

Sleeping pills are a quick fix to help you rest, but they are not a long-term solution to sleep.

These people don't realize that they have to change their habits to solve this problem.

Good habits directed at the well-being of the body and mind restore vital energy for the proper functioning of the sleep cycle.


3# An Increase in Bad Habits

Stressed people often neglect healthy lifestyle practices.

There is nothing wrong with drinking a glass more from time to time. However when abusing substances inebriating or evasive activities such as alcohol, road, casual sex, and more, the person may be suffering from depression.

The link between stress and depression is complex and circular.

Lo stress, or being stressed, leads to behaviors and patterns that in turn can place a chronic stress burden and increase the risk of major depression.

Interestingly, many of the changes in the brain during an episode of depression resemble the effects of severe and prolonged stress.

Therefore, bad habits weaken the body's vital system making us vulnerable to stress, and over time manifesting itself in depression.

People don't know they need a healthy and balanced life consisting of good habits to deal with the stresses of modern life.


4# Easily Irritable

The little things that used to slip away are now getting on your nerves.

Depressed people are grumpy with co-workers, friends and the world for things they once wouldn't even notice.

Moreover, not feeling the same as always makes you exasperate to the point of going out of your way.

The reason?

The chemical imbalance of the brain alters the perception of events, accentuating their gravity.


5# Suffering Even At The Table

The diet becomes unusual over time. You eat a little more or a little less day after day.

Imagine these small changes as 3 gr. of extra pasta per week. After a year they are well 150 gr.

That is an extra portion to that recommended daily.

Depression can take the stomach in two different directions:

  • Lack of appetite; Meals are skipped by eating irregularly. You lose interest in cooking or preparing meals regularly. As you can imagine, this symptom is usually accompanied by fatigue.
  • Binge; You feel alone, sad, abandoned and food is the way in which we try to rebalance the mood “filling” the emptiness in us.


Confuse Depression With A Negative Period

There are times in life where everything seems to go wrong. And it happens to everyone.

It's easy to confuse these bad times with depression. And, the symptoms are the same, but the difference is their duration.

This is my advice; If the negative period lasts for more than three weeks and no tragic event has happened, then you are depressed.


I have most of these symptoms, Help!

Do not worry.

Take a deep breath, then another and another… then relax.


You feel better, vero?

The good news is if you are aware that you are depressed, you're already has good point. Indeed, l’ admit you have a problem, it is the first essential step towards healing.

Mindfulness is an essential step in healing depression because it prompts you to seek a solution.

Therefore, if you don't know you are depressed you will not be able to act.

Once you realize you are depressed, you can easily get back to being happy and productive simply by changing your habits that caused depression in the first place.

Depression is nothing more than an alarm bell that warns us that something is wrong.

If you are interested in learning how to overcome it naturally, without antidepressants or expensive psychiatric therapies, I recommend my course, Mini Habits.

This course is the easiest and most effective way to get back to being the happy person you were before your depression.

When you start putting the course teachings into practice Mini Habits, you will immediately feel less depressed and you will also be able to heal forever.

One step at a time you will exit the tunnel. I'm waiting for you on the other side.


You Control Your Life

Most people are unaware that they have a lot of control over their vitality.

They also don't know that depression can be healed naturally by restoring vitality with good habits aimed at benefiting the body and mind..

Instead, the large number of depressed people take medications hoping that something magical will happen. “I hope to recover from depression. I hope to feel better.” The fact is, anti-depressants / antipsychotics don't cure the causes of depression, but only the symptoms.

Depressed people know that once they stop taking anti-depressants / antipsychotics, they will inevitably become depressed again..

What they don't know is that they already have the cure.

You can get out of depression without medication or a psychiatrist.

One of the easiest ways is to change the negative habits that cause depression and CONSCENTLY create good habits to revitalize your body and mind..

For example; Nutrition, physical exercise, way of thinking and relationships.

It is very easy to create good habits around these elements when you are aware.

If you don't know how, you recommend my course, Mini Habits.

This course will help you build positive habits, stabilize your vitality, eliminate depression, and become a happy and full of life person again.

From now on you will feel reborn.

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