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How to cure depression without drugs and without psychologist

If you are depressed and hate using drugs to treat yourself, you feel discouraged at the idea of ​​not being able to have a normal life anymore.

Antidepressants for the rest of your life, and a few sessions with the psychiatrist seem the only way out.

That's what the doctor prescribed for you, vero?

If your answer is yes, do not worry.

Anyone with depressive symptoms gets the same prescription as you.

Psychiatric sessions for depressed people

The reasons are manifold, but they can be summarized in convenience, medical system and profits.

The magic pill like the Prozac it's a good business for pharmaceutical companies.

The reason?

They create an addiction in the people who use them. Or, repetitive customers who spend thousands of Euros per year per person.

addiction to anti depressants psychotropic drugs

Only in Italy are they well 11 millions of people who use psychiatric drugs. Therefore, it goes without saying that there are many interests above the well-being of the user.

Once started “the cure” antidepressants, it is no small thing to stop, and very rarely the psychiatrist will make you stop.

Why psychiatrists object to you trying to quit antidepressants / antipsychotics has nothing to do with earning interests, but he has indoctrinated for decades to think in this way.

If you decide to stop of your own volition, maybe because it feels better, you will inevitably rediscover the symptoms of depression but in a more physical than mental form.

The reason for the relapse is very simple; Antidepressants do not resolve the cause of depression.

You saw it on TV, read in articles, and maybe even heard by the doctor: depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain that drugs can correct.

Or in other words, antidepressants are a chemical response has one “presumed” brain dysfunction.

The truth is, there is very little - if any - research that supports this theory.

In fact, is a pharmaceutical marketing triumph over science.

I believe that antidepressants are a temporary solution has a much deeper problem than a simple chemical imbalance.

While antidepressant drugs increase serotonin levels in the brain, this does not mean that depression is caused by a lack of serotonin.

The problem with these drugs is that the “feeling better” makes the depressed person believe that the problem is solved. The “feel healed” he deludes the depressed into continuing with his life as if nothing had happened.

One pill a day, takes the depression away

But the truth is quite another.

I'll give you a practical example.

If you have a cold caused by the winter cold, what do you do to cure yourself?

You probably shut yourself up in the warmth of your house and take an aspirin.

What if you just take aspirin and stay out in the cold?

You see a connection?

Depression can only be cured if you correct the causes, not the symptoms.

Medicines can help for a while, but not necessarily for life.

Rather, a long period of employment produces such a high level of dependence that the suspension can only present serious difficulties.

Indeed, the guaranteed effect they create is addictive… Addiction… Addictionaaaaaa!

Said this, being aware of the negative effects of these drugs, some questions arise spontaneously:

But why are people treated this way? Patients are aware of the negative effects of such drugs? And especially, because they are not considered drug-free treatments?


Common Reasons People Use Antidepressants

When I ask people why they use antidepressants, these are the reasons:

  • Dressings make me feel better.
  • It is convenient and practical: pill + water = Clear.
  • I know of no other ways to cure myself.
  • I can not sleep.
  • To ease my fears.
  • Therapy at the psychiatrist is not enough.
  • Because panic attacks don't let me live anymore.
  • Without the dressings, I'm irritable, unstable and can't even enjoy the things I like.
  • They help me focus on work.
  • Because serious intrusive thoughts are ruining my happiest moments.
  • The fact that my mind continually worries about things it shouldn't.
  • After giving birth to my daughter, I was no longer happy.
  • Years of abuse, they made my daily life difficult.
  • Lack of energy makes it difficult for me to complete even the simplest tasks, and not being able to do something as easy as answering the phone, makes me feel useless.
  • I can't stay motivated.
  • I need help dealing with the loss of my mother.
  • I have decided that I deserve to feel better.

You find yourself in these conditions?

Most depressed people can.

People with depression have good reasons for wanting to be treated with antidepressants, but there is a better way without contraindications and permanent.

When you know how to create good habits in your life that will positively impact your body and mind, not only will the symptoms of depression go away but you will feel revitalized, stronger and more confident.

the depression disappears

You will give your body the opportunity to rebalance the chemical imbalances that have caused your depression.

In other words, you will help your body self-heal.

Contrary to what you think, depression has a beginning as well as an end, and this may be sooner than you expect. Depression is not a natural disease. It is not an inevitable part of being human.

Indeed, depression is not a disease, but rather a symptom created by civilization and therefore curable.

Although depression occurs in different forms and with various symptoms, in essence it is the result of a prolonged response to stress, this is clear a little’ for everyone.

symptoms of depression

What may seem less clear to you is that we ourselves are the cause of our depression; I have better, our habits, our thoughts, our way of life, our inability to live.

We are the architects of our way of life, of where to live, with whom to spend time together, where to work, what to eat… And depression is nothing more than a sign that something is wrong.

It will seem absurd to you, but we can get out of it through the same door we entered simply by changing our habits.

It really is that simple.

Pause for a moment on this question: “You were born depressed?”

If your answer is no, then you can defeat depression.

You have been happy at one time in your life, active and full of life. Your body and mind worked well giving you joy and serenity.

At some point in your life, something changed. But it wasn't a sudden event, even if it seems so to you.

Rather, a series of events and changes that have led you to be depressed.

What you do every day, how do you answer you have life problems, What are you eating, how do you think determine your physical and mental well-being.

Therefore, if you don't exercise, you consume foods that are not suitable for your needs and do not care about your thoughts, you inevitably weaken your defenses against the stresses of modern life.

But, if you do exercises aimed at strengthening the body and mind, you create a positive environment around you, eat healthy, promote positive habits then not only the depressive symptoms disappear, but you will have the pleasure of a life worth living.

When a person knows how to create good habits, depression can be overcome without drugs and without psychological sessions.

You can beat all kinds of depression with good habits.

When you have this skill, no drugs are needed.

You know you can live and enjoy a peaceful life.


You have the ability to cure yourself without drugs and a psychologist?

I have two important questions:

You have the ability to create good habits… Or would you rather take antidepressants and basically never cure yourself of depression?

You're trying to heal with psychiatric sessions and expensive drugs… Or in a simple and intelligent way by changing your habits?

If you know how to create good habits in everyday life, no drugs and psychiatrist are needed.

And I don't mean to change some habit that suits you or to know something about wellness, but they don't work in overcoming depression.

I intend to know deeply how to develop positive habits for your body and mind so that you can live a happy and peaceful life. To put it short; Live to the fullest.

If a person changes some habits that make him feel better but his days are still sad, then he will still have to take psychiatric drugs.

That person knows that changing habits is not enough, for this he returns to the depressive state… and he's right.

There are specific habits to change to overcome depression.

But, when you are one of the few who can cure themselves by changing their habits, there is no need for medicine or a psychiatrist.

That's how it works.

You may have noticed that there are always happy people, full of energy and with an incredible desire to live.

energetic and happy people not sad and depressed

They smile, they are witty, active and energetic. And that's because they have good habits.

However, if a person has bad habits, well that he has a good job, money and success, he will inevitably suffer from depressive symptoms.

These bad habits over time destabilize a person until an event gives the final blow. For this, we tend to associate negative events like the death of someone dear to a condition of depression.

A person with good habits and therefore a strong body and mind will never fall prey to depression after a negative event. Not even after a series of negative events.

But a person under treatment with antidepressants, never having solved the cause of depression, a negative event could bring her back into a depressive state.

And the medical solution would be another dose of drugs, therefore creating a vicious circle.

If you think about the reasons why depressed people use drugs and psychologists, it will be clear to you that they are not aware of how to change their habits to restore serenity in their life.

They know they need help, but they do not understand that they have to cure the cause of their depression, not the symptoms.

For example:

The reason; “Lack of energy makes it difficult for me to complete even the simplest tasks, and not being able to do something as easy as answering the phone, makes me feel useless.”

This reason immediately disappears when a person changes their negative habits into positive ones, restoring vitality to the body, motivation, hope, will to live and stability.

The process is simple and can be summarized in 4 phases:

  1. Change some negative habits into positive ones that focus on body and mind.
  2. In this way, the brain can restore its chemical imbalances.
  3. Consequently, the body restores its immune system.
  4. Depression disappears.

The human body is a wonderful machine, in fact our body is even capable of self-repairing. There is still no man-made machine that can do this.

But for its proper functioning, it needs excellent fuel in the form of food. With proper nutrition, your body is easily able to fight depression.

But, most people eat three times a day, the foods are almost always cooked and you binge because “There's no time” life is hectic… Or maybe he skips breakfast because he is late for work… Or think coffee is a full breakfast.

What these people don't realize is that theirs “incorrect habits” they are the cause of their depression.

Therefore, if you are or feel depressed and want to get out of it without drugs and psychiatric sessions, the secret is to change your habits for a healthy body and mind.

When you begin the transformation of your habits, you will notice the symptoms of depression dissolve.

No wonder something that you are already able to do. You know you can change your habits and beat depression.

If you want to learn how to do it and you want to know exactly how to remove negative habits and replace them with positive habits that can restore the functions of your mind and body, I recommend my course, Mini Habits.

Mini Habits is the easiest way to cure yourself of depression.

You will learn exactly:

  • How to break bad habits that keep you from living.
  • How to consciously create positive habits.
  • What to eat for a healthy mind and a strong body.
  • What to do for iron health.
  • How to clear your mind and unleash your potential.
  • What to do to be motivated every day.

This course will help you build positive habits, eliminate depression, stabilize your mood, and become a happy and full of life person again.

happy and serene people with positive habits

Depression like other forms of bad mood are nothing but messages sent from your mind to motivate you to take action.

If you are able to react immediately, the message disappears… Otherwise, you will live with depression and medications for the rest of your life.

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