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Weight Locked In Despite A Strict Diet? 4 Common Reasons

If you have weight stuck despite following a strict diet, and this has been going on for a few weeks, there are basically four reasons:

  • A high calorie diet that was too restrictive for a long time that slowed your metabolism;
  • A low-carbohydrate diet;
  • Too much training can cause physiological stress;
  • If you are mentally stressed you unbalance your cortisol levels.

Let's see what the main weight stall problems are and how to get out of them.


A High Calorie Diet Too Restrictive For A Long Time That Has Slowed Down Metabolism

You start your diet and for the first few weeks or months everything is going well, but suddenly you hit a wall. You have achieved what I call: weight loss plateau.

Despite the strict diet and training, the weight is like locked. But why?

Let's assume that you weigh 100 kg and your body needs 2.000 daily calories to function properly. You start the diet with a daily intake of 1.500 calorie, in doing so your body takes up the missing ones 500 calories from fat stores or muscles.

As you continue with your diet and lose weight week after week, the metabolism gradually adapts, but burning fewer calories every day. Until it crashes.

Many people try to eat vegetables and fruits or take a multivitamin to get things going, but without getting results.

eat vegetables and fruits or take a multivitamin to unblock your metabolism

The solution is counter intuitive. You have to stop the diet for a while or start eating more to reactivate the blocked metabolism.

It would be wise to start strength exercises like weights or calisthenics if you aren't already doing them, this helps you to preserve lean mass, raise calorie consumption and make the body more robust at the same time.


A Low Carbohydrate Diet

Many people believe that removing carbohydrates from their diet, you lose weight faster.

Even if this is true, you run into a problem. The liver tells the brain that blood sugar levels are low because there are not enough carbohydrates.

This alarm bell automatically lowers metabolic activities, resulting in less calorie consumption.

As explained above, when your metabolism continues to slow you get to a stalemate where you are stuck despite your diet, even if iron.

To avoid this problem, before starting a new diet, it is only necessary to partially reduce the intake of carbohydrates without completely removing them.

If you are already stuck and your diet is low in carbohydrates, I recommend that you accept that you made a mistake and start all over again. But don't give up, it's not that bad and you can do it.

Therefore, you have to realize that you can start the diet again after you have increased your metabolism.

To do this, you have to start eating some’ more every week, something like 100 kcal. Your goal is to increase the calories in the next few 5 months.

“Thing? Rudy you are crazy!”

I understand you, but please don't be overwhelmed by haste if you want to lose weight effectively and permanently.

Consider this. Once this phase of your life has passed, you will never need diets again and you will have the pleasure of looking in the mirror every day.

Focus on the path ahead instead of the goal of losing those extra pounds.

Ah! Another important thing. When you start to see that you get fat, don't panic. Increase the fat mass of the 2-4% it's normal, its part of the game.

And here comes the most interesting part… Once back on a normal calorie diet (the weight settles down), the metabolism is ready for a new diet regime.

This time, be careful not to cut carbs too much.


Too much training can cause physiological stress

Getting into physical activity is a very smart step to losing weight. But exercising for several hours every day can cause physiological stress.

The reality is that exercise is a stressor and the body produces as a response cortisol.

Here I want to be clear, cortisol production is normal and actually important for the body to function. However, the cortisol hormone should be produced for short periods of time.

When your body is exposed to cortisol for longer than normal periods, begins to produce negative effects, of which the inability to lose weight.

Moreover, when cortisol levels rise and remain high for too long, the adrenal glands may stop working properly e, as cortisol levels drop below normal, weight gain occurs.

Even if we are talking specifically about training, which is a physical stressor, prolonged mental stress has the same negative effects.

physical and mental stress that blocks weight loss

If you are constantly stressed at work or have a stressful personal life, your body will produce cortisol just like when you exercise in excess.

Keep in mind that when you end up with prolonged exercise, your body simply stops producing cortisol, but mental stress is much more difficult to control.

This is why the factors of mental stress they can often be more harmful to the body than any physical stressor.

Many people are amazed when they get stuck despite a strict diet and hard training, but they don't realize that too much of everything can be a bad thing.

It's easy to see how one can get into a vicious cycle and overwhelm the body with too many stressors. When you combine this even with a little’ of “indulgence” in the diet such as sweets and alcohol, you are on the right path to disaster.

Moreover, if you are doing too long a cardio workout, you're just adding one more problem to the main problem.

Long cardio exercises eat away lean muscle mass, which is essential to increase metabolism and thus burn more calories.

Instead of a long workout, try doing short, high-intensity workouts. These workouts are much more effective in activating fat-burning hormones that affect abdominal fat.

And this brings us to the next point:


You Are Mentally Stressed By Imbalancing Your Cortisol Levels

We live in a world that has taken our lives to a frenetic pace. Too much work, Too many things to do, too many distractions, in conclusion, too much of everything.

No wonder that we arrive at the end of the day destroyed and stressed.

But what does all this have to do with weight loss blocker?

Stress is the number one enemy of metabolism. Stress makes you fat, long-term species.


Cortisol, stress hormone, is related to the risk of insulin resistance.

In other words, the pancreas loses its ability to regulate blood sugar and your metabolism is blocked making you even gain weight especially in delicate places such as the stomach and hips.

There is no simple solution to the problem, but you can start by taking a look at your daily life.

How much stress do you have at work, at home and in your private life?

If you believe mental stress is blocking your weight loss, try to relieve ailments by doing meditation or yoga, consider working less or changing circumstances.


Remember That…

Metabolism is an efficient machine that adapts quickly to ensure your survival.

Even if that sounds great to you, it was once when there were famines or when our ancestors hunted to survive with the possibility of not being able to eat for many days.

Today day, this fantastic primal feature has turned into a problem because we live in a world of abundance. It is not surprising that obesity is on the rise.

Our body biologically tends to store more supplies than to burn them, to make us prefer idleness and laziness to movement and all those metabolically stressful conditions.

Exact, it's not your fault if you prefer the sofa to an hour of training, you are programmed to conserve valuable resources in the form of fat that could be the difference between life and death.

If you learn to reprogram your instincts, you can avoid these primal traps that tend to work against your effort in losing weight.


Simply by changing your habits CONSCIOUSLY.

When you know how to change habits, you can easily overcome the laziness of moving, or eat only healthy foods and avoid all those things that don't let you lose weight.

If you are tired of fighting hunger strikes, the constant temptation to empty the refrigerator and the little desire to move, start reprogramming your habits.

If you change habits, you can lose weight and stay fit for life.

You will finally feel at ease, rather than stressed out, when you eat. You will feel confident and comfortable with your body.

You can do all those things you want, but you can't do them because your weight prevents you from doing it.

Remember, The lasting changes depend on the acquisition of new habits.

And finally…


Maintain a good diet

This is obvious, but it is imperative to maintain a good diet.

Your diet should consist of a balanced ratio of whole foods and that should include ample amounts of green leafy vegetables, cruciferous fruits and vegetables which are all high in antioxidants.

These are just a few foods that will help you fight the negative effects of too much stress as well as help you lose weight.

If you want to know more, I recommend you to download mine [thrive_2step id=’1884′]”Checklist: What to eat every day“[/thrive_2step].

You will find the essential foods to achieve a state of health, vibrant performance and weight.

You will learn what and how much to eat so as not to stress your body while you will be amazed at how simple but effective these foods help you get rid of stubborn fat.

Moreover, when you will be able to balance meals, eating the right foods every day, you will notice a sense of well-being and lightness.

One last thing…

Remember to stay away from refined sugar and alcohol… which unfortunately are the two foods your body craves the most when you are overloaded.

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