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Muscle Supplements For A Spartan Body

Hard work and perseverance are not enough to build a Spartan body, but you need muscle supplements and good nutrition to ensure the right supply of nutrients to your muscles.

Muscle supplements help you recover faster after physical exertion, they preserve muscle mass and increase performance.

Not necessarily everything has to be in pill format, there are many natural muscle supplements readily available in the supermarket.

In this article, I want to clarify your ideas on muscle supplements by trying to sort out the confusion of information out there.

So you will be able to add them to your diet only those substances that offer substantial benefits without wasting money on “marketing products”, that is products that promise but do not give results.

Given that the term “supplement” means to integrate and not replace a’healthy eating and balanced.

Let's start with a natural and low-cost product…


The Main Muscle Supplements


– Creatine Monohydrate Powder

Creatine is a natural compound already present in the body that has the function of transforming chemical energy into mechanical energy.

In other words, it is the fuel of the muscles.

It is also able to inhibit myostatin which is a potent inhibitor of muscle growth.

They produce a minimal amount of it starting from three amino acids – arginine, glycine and methionine – but not in sufficient quantity.

The functions of creatine are:

  • reduces lactic acid
  • delays fatigue
  • increases muscle strength
  • promotes cell volumization

The minimum or maintenance intake is 2 g per day of creatine.

But it is recommended to use it on a cycle – 20 gr per day the first week, 7 g per day for 30 days and then 5 g per day for maintenance.

Use it together with a fruit juice – 60 g carbohydrates (sugars) per 100 g of product. In this way it promotes the storage of glycogen in the muscles.

Drink plenty of water while taking it. Mix the idiot with hot substances such as tea because it is more digestible.

Please note that some people do not respond to the use of creatine, and can be seen from the first week of use.

If your weight volume doesn't increase, it means that the creatine is not giving you any benefit.

Another interesting fact is that creatine could increase cognition and memory, but at the same time lower dopamine and serotonin levels.

Therefore, se hai symptoms of depression or anxiety it is not recommended to use creatine.


– Whey Protein

They are highly absorbed proteins that contain all nine essential amino acids.

Our body is unable to produce them and therefore we have to take them with food.

If you use whey proteins, we do not need to take the branched ones that I will explain to you at the end of the article.

The main functions of whey proteins are:

  • anticatanbolic action
  • energy precursors
  • they raise testorene levels
  • fight tryptophan, amino acid precursor of serotonin formation
  • formation of glutamine

How to take protein whey:

  • In the morning as soon as you wake up to nourish your muscles and avoid catabolism.
  • After training to recover and save the muscle tissues from catabolism.

Assume 10 g in the morning e 20 g after training for a male of 80 kg.

If you are wondering how to choose the best ones protein powder, make sure they have all the essential amino acids and it is convenient from a monetary point of view.


– Citrullin and/o Arginine AAKG

Increase Nitric Oxide Levels (NO), molecule that is involved in many body processes related to physical exercise and muscle recovery.

For example, this substance increases blood flow and therefore the transport of nutrients to muscle cells.

Therefore it increases performance during training and speeds up muscle recovery.

Food sources of arginine are seafood, watermelon, nuts and meat.

Citrulline is a precursor of arginine but does not undergo degradation metabolism in the intestine and liver, by the enzyme arginase.

It can also increase the amount of work performed during a strength and endurance training and decrease delayed muscle pain.

In conclusion, citrulline supplements increase arginine levels in the body, more than arginine supplements do, with an increased production of nitric oxide.

Furthermore, citrulline is more digestible.

The functions of arginine are:

  • dilates blood vessels
  • improves the flow of nutrients
  • promotes fat metabolism

2 gr on an empty stomach 60 minutes before training e 1 g on an empty stomach before bed are particularly effective.

Arginine must be taken every day and strictly on an empty stomach if you want to see results.


– Glutammina

Glutamine, as well as cell volume regulator, it is also a stimulator of protein synthesis.

It also detoxifies the ammonia present in the body and has an antioxidant role.

Indeed, during intensive training or stressful situations, glutamine levels drop leading to a decrease in immune defenses and a greater predisposition to contract injuries and diseases.

Other functions of glutamine are:

  • remarkable anticatabolic effect
  • biosynthesis of glutathione
  • valuable for stress due to an injury or muscle injury

They are recommended 8 gr per day. Take it four times a day with cold foods and drinks because this amino acid is susceptible to heat.

I 4 Recommended times of the day are:

  • As soon as you wake up
  • Before a workout
  • After a workout
  • Before going to sleep


– C vitamin

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that limits free radicals during muscular effort. It also increases the oxygen supply to the muscles and thus aids physical performance.

Furthermore, vitamin C promotes the creation of collagen, fundamental for ligaments and tendons. Hence decreasing injuries.

And finally it improves the testosterone / cortisol ratio, if you are a man you want more testoreno and less cortisol.

A dose of 1 gram per day.

However, it is good to check the ferritin blood values ​​because if these are higher than 150, high doses of Vitamin C can predispose to heart attack.


Other Supplements With Effects Related To Muscle And Physical Improvement


– Multivitaminico e Multiminerale

They are rich in antioxidants which are essential to limit damage to the muscle cell membrane and to accelerate recovery processes.

Indeed, free radicals are created during training which have a negative effect on your body, but also thanks to the use of multivitamins and multiminerals, the damage can be limited.

The best choice is to take a broad spectrum vitamin product, with the addition of minerals and phytonutrients or plant extracts.


– Branched or BCAA (branched chain amino acids)

I'm 3 essential amino acids: leucine, valina, isoleucina

Like other amino acids, their main function is to build muscle tissues but they are also essential for the synthesis of muscle proteins..

Unlike the other amino acids, they are absorbed directly by the muscles, therefore they do not go to strain the liver for their synthesis.

This creates fewer free radicals, and therefore does not affect aging.

The main functions of the BCAAs are:

  • anticatanbolic action
  • energy precursors
  • they raise testorene levels
  • fight tryptophan, amino acid precursor of serotonin formation
  • formation of glutamine

It is useless to take them if we are already using complete protein supplements such as concentrated proteins.

The recommended intake is 1 g per 10 kg of post workout weight of which at least 500 mg in leucine (2 of leucine, 1 in valina, 1 of isoleucine).


– Bee Pollen

They are the main source of protein for bees, or their protein supplement.

However, bee pollen is much more: contains 200 nutrients needed to sustain life.

If you want to know something amazing, pollen is richer in proteins and amino acids than any other source.

The problem is that it is very costly and therefore not a cheap solution in replacing synthetic proteins, but it is definitely a good supplement to add in small quantities.

It is also a natural multivitamin and multiminaral.

The main functions of bee pollen are:

  • delays aging thanks to its antioxidants
  • antibacterial and antifungal effect
  • supports the body's immunity
  • helps eliminate fat tissue and preserve lean mass

Take one tablespoon in the morning.


– Niacin or Vitamin B3 or Vitamin PP

It is a vitamin that helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue and ensures normal energy metabolism.

Moreover, helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent headaches thanks to its vaso-dilator effect.

It is found in sufficient quantities in a healthy diet and there is no need to supplement it. But in particular conditions such as physical effort from weight lifting it is recommended to integrate it.

Other benefits of niacin:

  • helps fight depression
  • increases testosterone levels
  • it is an antioxidant

One of the foods in which it is found in high concentrations is the bran of wheat.

its 100 grams of edible part, indeed, are present 29 mg of the vitamin substance.

An integration of 1 g per day is more than enough. Do not take it on an empty stomach but after meals.

In the case of depression, improvements have been noted with higher doses up to 3 g per day.

NOTE: Start with a small dose and slowly increase it, every few days because it causes redness of the skin.


– Vitamin E

It protects cell membranes from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, whose production increases during physical activity.

In multivitamins they are found on average only 30 Iu of vitamin.

So you need a specific supplement that can give 400 Ui per day if you do regular sporting activity.


– Vitamin B6

It is involved in the transformation and use of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Fundamental for physical activity because it intervenes in the conversion of glycogen stored in the liver and muscles into energy.


– Melatonin

Antioxidant action and promotes physiological sleep during which the body activates recovery processes and produces hormones such as GH that promote muscle anabolism and burn fat.

1 gr per day before bed.


– Ginseng

It is a root used for thousands of years especially in Asia for its multiple benefits. But science has made little clarity with its research, so these are just hypotheses.

I think the most interesting form is to drink it as tea using the roots of the plant “Panax ginseng” which grows exclusively in Korea.

For example, could be added to complement a green tea.

the “potentials” functions of ginseng are:

  • increase the intellectual abilities such as concentration and memory
  • more stamina
  • prevents muscle damage from exercise
  • increases resistance

Dai 3 ai 9 gr of ginseng al 4% at ginsenosidi, or come on 120 ai 360 mg of ginsenosides per day.


– Beta Carotene

It is found in fruits and vegetables giving the distinctive orange color to these foods.

They help control protein production and limit free radical damage, therefore a suitable supplement for those who make a lot of physical effort.

Other functions of beta-carotene are:

  • keeps the vision
  • regulate skin cell growth
  • maintains the integrity of the membranes that line the nasal cavities and the respiratory system

Research has found that the more carotenoids you eat, the longer the life span.

Quite an interesting fact for anyone who wants to live up to 100 years in great physical shape.


Integration scheme

When not exercising, take vitamin C and multivitamin-multimineral at dinner.


  • 1 gr. Multivitaminico-Multiminerale
  • 2 gr. Glutammina
  • a teaspoon of bee pollen
  • 0.5 gr. niacin


  • 0.5 gr. C vitamin

BEFORE TRAINING (60 minutes)

  • 1 gr. Multivitaminico-Multiminerale
  • 10 gr. Creatine Monohydrate the first week, then 3.5 gr. per 30 days and finally 2 gr. for maintenance. Take it with a fruit juice, drink plenty of tea and water.
  • 1 gr. C vitamin
  • 2 gr. Citrullina
  • 2 gr. Glutammina

AFTER TRAINING (Immediately)

  • 10 gr. Creatine Monohydrate the first week, then 3.5 gr. per 30 days and finally 2 gr. for maintenance.
  • 2 gr. Glutammina


  • 0.5 gr. C vitamin
  • 15 gr. of Niacina
  • 400 IU of Vitamin E
  • 0.5 gr. niacin


  • 1 gr. Citrullina
  • 1 gr. of Melatonin
  • 2 gr. Glutammina


Product Index:

How to use: 2g per day

Price 15.49 Euro – 1/2 Kg.

Price per day = 0.1 Euro


How to use: 2g per day

Price 23 Euro – 1/2 Kg. 375 pills for one year of supply.

Price per day = 0.061 Euro


How to use: 8g per day (recommended by suppliers 5g per day).

Price 13 Euro – 1/2 Kg

Price per day = 0.13 Euro – 0.18 Euro


How to use: a teaspoon or 4g per day.

Price 23 Euro – 1/2 Kg.

Price per day = 0.184 Euro


How to use: two doses of 0.5 g per day.

Price 18 Euro – 100 500mg capsules

Price per day = 0.36 Euro


How to use: 400 IU per day.

Price 22 Euro – 270 capsule

Price per day = 0.08 Euro


How to use: 20 gr. the first week, then 7 gr. per 30 days and finally 5 gr. for maintenance.

Price 16 Euro – 1 Kg.

Price per day = 0.08 Euro


How to use: 2 gr.

Price 38 Euro – 1/2 Kg.

Price per day = 0.15 Euro


How to use: 1 gr.

Price 15 Euro – 180 tablets

Price per day = 0.08 Euro

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