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Mistakes That Keep You From Healing From Depression

5 Mistakes That Keep You From Healing From Depression

If you are tired and frustrated of being depressed and you have come to the point of wondering “I will never quit depression?

These are 5 mistakes you absolutely must avoid:


1# Try Curing Depression With Antidepressants Only, Antipsychotics And Sleeping Pills

This is one of the biggest mistakes for which depressed people never recover from depression.

It seems counterintuitive, but in a moment I will explain to you the reason for this fact.

Depression is not a disease but rather an alarm bell that warns you that something is wrong.

Maybe you don't get enough exercise… Or you work too much… Or you have a habit of bingeing at dinner… Or you spend too much time alone.

Whatever the reason, your brain warns you that you are in danger if you continue with these bad habits.

The natural reaction in most cases is to consult your doctor about what to do or in less severe cases, do nothing.

But the problem with these approaches is that they don't solve the cause of the depression.

In case you decide to follow a treatment with dressings, the symptoms disappear (although not always), but once it stopped, symptoms of depression reappear.

The reason is that depression has never abandoned the depressed person with the use of medicines, but only neutralized his symptoms.

Medicines can help for a while, but not necessarily for life.

The motivations for using drugs are in dire need of relief from the terrible symptoms of depression, especially the physical ones.

This is natural, it's how we are made. But too often these attempts make matters worse.

The simple truth is that you can eliminate depression by changing the negative habits that cause depression, with positive habits.

When a person knows how to create good habits, depression can be defeated without the use of antidepressants, antipsychotics and sleeping pills.

The way we live our life is essentially a set of habits, both good and bad.

When these tend to encourage bad habits, they cause a series of problems in the correct functioning of the body and mind, making us vulnerable to the stresses of modern life.

If you have noticed, stress symptoms are the same as in depression. Like tiredness, irritates, sleep problems, panic attacks, poor concentration and so on.

But when we are able to consciously create good habits for the mind and body, not only the symptoms of depression disappear, but they promote a happy life, serene and in excellent health.

If you are tired of using dressings, take a few minutes to understand how to cure depression without drugs and without a psychologist.

As you can already imagine, the next mistake to avoid is…


2# Keeping Up With Your Own Bad Habits

Nobody can tell you what your bad habits are.

If you don't know how to consciously create good habits, you are probably not aware of your bad habits.

Do you think what you do, what you feel, the way you think, what you eat have nothing to do with the causes of depression.

Therefore, you probably don't listen to anyone when they tell you what you do is not healthy, but you should at least stop for a moment and think how you would feel without these bad habits.

Let me ask you this: “Your bad habits, what a long-term harm benefit? They offer better health, better physical condition, a better life?”

I know, you may not care about the long-term benefits, but only what gives you immediate gratification. In your mint they give you pleasure and physically relax you.

But if you are only interested in the benefits with instant gratification, then you are probably fooling yourself into thinking that life is so limited.

If you discovered other more intense pleasures in life, it is almost guaranteed that you would leave these bad habits for more rewarding habits, vero?

It is in the essence of the human being to favor an egg today for a hen tomorrow. This survival instinct has served us well for millions of years, but it is counterproductive in modern life.

This is the fact…

If you want to live a happy and healthy life without depression, you have to be able to consciously create good habits.

Living a life out of control, or better, a slave to his own bad habits, it is a life that is not worth living because it is pure suffering.

You don't have to live a life like that if you don't want it. You can change your bad habits one step at a time very easily.

Believe me, you will be proud of yourself, happier and you will live a life without depression that is worth living.


3# Believe You Have Your Own Thoughts and Feelings

The depressed mood is generated and maintained by a specific way of thinking and evaluating the situations we live in, characterized by a series of "cognitive biases", that is, of errors of reasoning.

These biases make us feel our relationships, our experiences and the world in general in a way that is unique to us, not necessarily in a real way.

In other words, depressed people distort reality, believing that what they think and feel is real.

Moreover, they amplify perceptions and feelings. A small negative event turns into a catastrophe, and they react to the small problem as if it were a calamity.

This is the reason why the depressed person feels tired and without energy most of the days.

Thinking that something is true just because we "feel" it, ignoring or minimizing the evidence to the contrary (is. “I know I do a lot of things well at work, but I still feel that I'm a failure "), it makes the depressed person believe that he is a failure by reinforcing the depressive state.

Therefore, be careful to give yourself continuously:

  • I absolutely have to ... (is. I absolutely must be able to do ...)
  • I should have… (I should have studied more)
  • Things must absolutely go like this ... (I have to be able to control everything that happens to me)
  • You shouldn't behave ...
  • People should do ... (people must always understand me and behave well with me)

These are just nothing but bad mental habits.


4# Desperately Seeking Relief

Nobody likes to feel bad, this is obvious.

But too often, trying to get relief only makes it worse.

Resisting having symptoms of depression causes the person to constantly think about their condition, making her feel bad because the problem doesn't go away.

For example:

“Feeling sad is a terrible feeling, especially for an extended period.

To try to get relief, you smoke another cigarette while watching TV. Of course, you start thinking about how lonely we are and the terrible life we ​​have. Consequently, the depressive state is strengthened with bad feelings.”

The truth is, you can't control everything. Try to hold “under control” depressive symptoms leads to more stress and unwanted consequnze.

If we let the symptoms manifest themselves by accepting that they are only temporary, it is a first step towards healing.


5# Don't Be Prepared

Most depressed people make this classic mistake when they want to recover from depression.

They follow the treatments prescribed by the doctor but do not worry about changing their lifestyle habits. They have no idea how to change habits to live a life worth living, a life without depression.

This is the fact…

Treating depression is easy if you know how. However, when a depressed person makes these classic mistakes; it will never heal.

For many people, healing from depression is difficult because as a species we are very attached to our habits… we always go the same way to go to work… we always go to the same places… the same people.

The problem is that many of our habits were formed accidentally and unconsciously, which very often prevent us from living.

It is no wonder that many things we do are habits that we carry from childhood such as eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, brush your teeth before going to bed or rest on Sunday.

Some habits are good, others would be better done without.

To recover from depression it is necessary to be able to consciously create habits, that is, having the ability to transform our character and therefore our life.

The reason is that habits form a person's character and life. Indeed, too many bad habits are a breeding ground for depression symptoms.


Enough with The Depression – Create a fantastic life

Enough depression - be happy and peaceful

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