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How To Choose The Best Milk Thistle And How To Use It

How To Choose The Best Milk Thistle And How To Use It

Milk thistle has so many benefits that it can close pharmacies if only you knew more about its tonic and decongestant properties.

Once, he enjoyed a great deal of esteem in folk medicine which has been unjustifiably fading away with the advent of modern medicine.

If I were forced to live on a desert island for months and be able to bring only the minimum necessary, milk thistle would be on the list.


Why Use The Milk Thistle

Cardio Mariano is a natural detoxifier that protects the liver from toxic substances that are now present a little’ everywhere as in household products, cosmetics, packaged foods and even drinking water.

It protects liver cells from damage caused by toxic substances such as the phalloidin of the Amanita phalloid fungus, the alcohol, drugs, insecticides and pesticides.

You must know that many toxic substances are used by the food industry to purify or preserve because they are considered harmless in small quantities, but when we ingest them day after day, these substances accumulate creating some “landfills” in the liver.

For this it is vital to use a natural product such as milk thistle to protect the liver while helping to escort toxins out of the body.

It even protects against certain toxins found in poisonous mushrooms such as the deadly Amanita.

No wonder the substance (Silibinina) contained in the Milk Thistle is the most sought after and studied for liver therapy.

The main benefits are:


1# Liver Regenerating Tonic

It helps with liver enlargement and can cure alcoholic liver disease, drug use, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, sensitivity to chemicals and exposure to industrial toxins.

With everything the liver has to filter every day, it's no surprise that it can be overloaded at times. Milk thistle can help rejuvenate it and also protect it from future damage.

Moreover, it has no effect on the liver enzyme system and therefore does not hurt when taken routinely as a tonic herb.


2# Antidote to poisoning

Very effective if you eat Amanita Phalloides, a deadly mushroom.

The silymarin contained in the Myrian thistle binds to the liver cells preventing the poisons of the fungus from binding themselves, thus blocking their poisonous effect.


3# Antioxidant

Stimulates Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which acts as a scavenger of free radicals helping us to stay young.

In this case it acts not only in the liver but on the whole body.


4# Relieves Menstrual Pain

It helps to overcome this difficult period for women as well as rebalancing female hormones.


5# Great for coughs and colds

Known and used in folk medicine for more than two thousand years, already in ancient Greece it was mixed with honey to calm coughs and as a remedy for bronchitis.


6# For Cases Of Loss of Appetence (drastic decrease in appetite)

Infuse 20 gr. of roots for two days in a liter of dry white wine, then drink a glass before meals.


7# Protects Against Cancer

Thistle seeds are rich in silymarin, an oxidant capable of decreasing the risk of cancer while strengthening the immune system, it fixes the damaged DNA and reverses the growth of the cancerous tumor.


Where and How It Is Grown

cultivation of milk thistle

It is typically grown in southern Italy, however it is a spontaneous and well spread plant and therefore it is not subject to massive cultivation.

If you want to cultivate it, just sow it in March in very sunny and dry places, with well-drained soils and sheltered from the winds.

In optimal conditions it can’ become pest thanks to longevity’ of its seeds easily transportable by the wind.

So before implanting it, think about it and in any case if you decide to continue, plant it in an area away from other crops.

This plant takes two years to complete its growth cycle.

In the first year, the basal rosette with large leaves is formed, and in the second year the plants, from the month of May, they begin to develop the hairless and little branched stem that will carry the flowers reaching a height between 50 ed i 150 cm.


How and How Much to Take

Milk thistle is a plant that is a true gift of nature because it is both food and medicine.

The seeds and leaves of the milk thistle plant can be consumed in pill form, dust, dye, extract or tea.

The seeds can also be eaten completely raw, but usually people prefer to take a milk thistle extract or supplement to consume a higher dose to receive better results.

The leaves are used in the salad as they are tender, the flowering tops boiled and eaten like asparagus tops while the stems cooked with a spinach-like flavor.

Especially valuable are the seeds, which have purifying properties, hemostatic, tonics from which excellent herbal teas can be obtained.

Finally, the roots are dried after cutting them into pieces. They can be infused with excellent dry white wine if you have problems with loss of appetite or make a decoction with fresh roots.

When taken as a supplement, it is recommended to take some 50 ai 150 milligrams per day.

In case you decide to grow it, a tablespoon of ground seeds in a cup of hot water (250 ml) once a day away from meals.

Or buy ready-made tea bags to take advantage of its detoxifying and hepatoprotective action.


Where to buy the milk thistle

In herbal medicine you can find excellent chopped fruits for preparing herbal teas or decoctions, or in the form of mother tincture to be added to water.

There are also companies like Alvita that sell it in the form of tea.

Personally the ordino gives Bioalma his Amazon together with other mother tinctures because they are natural products grown and processed in Italy without undergoing any chemical process or being subjected to high temperatures so as to keep their properties intact.

They also offer telephone support 7 days a week proving to be a serious and professional company with the interests of customers in mind.

If you have any questions or want to write a few lines about your experience with the Milk Thistle, feel free to write in the comments below.

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