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How to Reactivate Blocked Metabolism

How to Reactivate Blocked Metabolism (Without Drugs or Supplements)

You can't lose weight and you're wondering: “How can I reactivate my blocked metabolism?

Common beliefs such as that of the “eat less and move more” they are trivial and generalized. If you have already tried to eat less and move more, you know very well it doesn't work.

The reason is that metabolism is more complicated than most people think.

But don't worry, I want to explain it to you in an easy and understandable way even if you don't have a doctorate in medicine.

Today you will discover the causes of a slow or blocked metabolism and how to reactivate it thanks to a balanced diet combined with proper training.

Without this basic knowledge of how metabolism works, you can't think about losing weight.

Let's start by knowing the main causes that lead to a metabolic blockage:

  1. Aging;
  2. Incorrect physical activity;
  3. Hypercaloric diet.


1. Aging Slows Down Metabolism

When you were a teenager you could eat ice cream, chocolate bars, pizza and coke without thinking too much - your waistline didn't suffer from the hard knocks.

Now, follow a diet “Zen” and you struggle to lose those extra pounds.

The reason?

Your metabolism slows down over the years, and then slow down even more.

metabolism slows down over the years

In your late teens up you have 25 years people enjoy the highest basal metabolic rate, this helps keep your waist in check even if you don't do a lot of physical activity and calorie control.

After i 30 years, thanks to a slower basal metabolism and a sedentary lifestyle, muscle is lost and fat is added.

In this phase, you realize that something has changed with your body; Your favorite pants are tight, Vasco Rossi's t-shirt is tight and you can no longer button your jacket.

After i 40 years also get in the way of hormones and after 50 years the muscles begin a slow but inexorable decline even if you work out every day.

I know what you think. You believe that there is nothing to be done about this because you cannot stop aging as it is a natural cause.

Technically it is, but in reality you can reduce the slowdown in metabolism and therefore aging with strength exercises.

slowing aging with strength exercises

When you do strength exercises you don't just maintain the muscles, but the best. Greater musculature requires more energy both at rest and during movement thus helping you to lose weight.

Imagine this: your muscles are like a car engine, both consume energy. You know very well that the greater the displacement of a car, the more petrol it consumes both in motion and when stationary.

The same happens when you have more developed muscles, you consume more calories both on the move and at rest.

Indeed, a sedentary lifestyle is your enemy, and this brings us to the next point:


2. Incorrect Physical Activity

Many believe that it is enough to move more to reactivate the metabolism, but that's not quite the case.

A person's energy expenditure is made up of:

  • Basal metabolism for the 60%;
  • Exercise for the 30%;
  • Thermogenic effect of food for the 10%.

It is obvious if you want to unblock your metabolism and lose weight, the best way is to improve basal metabolic rate because it consumes i 2/3 of total calories.

Indeed, people who have a blocked metabolism is mainly due to the slowing of the basal metabolism that with the passing of the years and a greater sedentary lifestyle, deteriorates.

If you want to counter this deterioration, you need to gain muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Therefore, if you create the good habit of training 2-3 times a week with strength exercises, capitalize on improving basal metabolic rate through muscle mass gain.

When you walk or run, you don't build muscle mass but only consume calories.

I do not mean that doing aerobic activity is not productive, but it is an inefficient way to unblock the metabolism especially if you follow a high calorie diet.

And this brings us to the third cause:


3. An Ipercaloric Diet

Metabolism is a master of adaptation, the more you cut calories, the less he consumes.

Start a high calorie diet and lose weight the first month, then progress slows to a standstill. But you still have some fat to lose.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. The metabolism slowed down the consumption of calories.
  2. You have lost weight at the expense of lean and muscle mass.

Losing weight quickly is counterproductive because you lose muscle mass which is essential to keep your metabolism at high speeds.

So one diet to unblock metabolism it can't just be restrictive.

Many people believe that losing weight is just a question of body weight loss, but this is a very narrow view.

An effective diet is considered when fat mass is lost, not that muscle or lean.

The best way to approach a diet that maintains a very active metabolism is not to sacrifice carbohydrates or proteins. But instead maintain a fair ratio between nutrients without depriving yourself of the pleasures of the table.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating good food as long as it is healthy and nutritious.

When you start making it a habit to eat this way, You will automatically avoid junk foods. You will enjoy your moments at the table because you know you are in control.


Some Tips To Accelerate Metabolism

Now that I have explained to you the causes of a blocked metabolism and you have learned that you need to focus on muscle mass to reactivate the basal metabolic rate, I want to reveal to you some natural ways to speed up your metabolism.

There are some foods that when eaten regularly, they can help remove stubborn fat and improve your physical health.

I want to be clear, think of these foods as engine oil that helps lubricate the mechanical parts of the engine, but it didn't make it work.

Don't expect to unblock your metabolism and lose weight with just these foods and tricks because you are just deluding yourself.

Now that we understand each other, let's see some foods that can speed up the metabolism:

  • Coconut oil belongs to the group of good fats which are composed of medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fatty acid that increases the activity of the metabolism.
  • Cinnamon and ginger promote the assimilation of sugar and therefore keep glycemic levels stable in the blood. Important in regulating appetite and other hormones responsible for weight control.
  • Eggs are super nutritious and help improve metabolic activities.
  • Blue fish is a rich source of protein and good fats such as Omega 3 & 6.
  • Green tea speeds up the metabolism, purifies the body, deflates and helps in weight loss.

These are the best foods that unblock your metabolism and help you lose weight. Make it a habit to consume them every day to lubricate your metabolism… And you will soon discover the incredible effect they have on your health.

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