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How To Cope With The Obstacles In Life

In the long life path, very often you are faced with an obstacle and you have to overcome it, but you are not sure which direction to take.

If you decide to do nothing, stand there waiting for conditions to change in your favor, but this event may never come.

Or, you ignore the problem but over time you find yourself with a major problem or many problems.

Therefore, what to do?


The Importance Of Having Goals

Today I was running on the street when a reversing car suddenly blocked my way.

Two options presented themselves; Wait for the car to finish its reverse or turn around it.

In the first case, I should have stopped my workout that I plan to run for 40 minutes without interruption.

Definitely a comfortable option but harmful to my goal.

In the second case, circling the machine requires an effort on my part to change the trajectory of my run but in doing so does not abruptly stop the workout.

As you may have noticed, having a goal in mind (run for 40 minutes without interruption) the solution came naturally: I chose to go around the car.

This example will seem trivial, but many people don't face the obstacles that life puts before us simply because they don't have a goal.

Without goals, you are like a boat without a rudder, go where the current pushes you and you will inevitably end up on the rocks.

Illness, job loss, don't make it to the end of the month, being alone are just some of the consequences of a life without goals.

When you have a certain goal, the solution in overcoming obstacles presents itself and is very often logical and simple.

If you really want to live you must have a destination otherwise any road will never take you to its destination.

No wind is favorable for the sailor who does not know which port he wants to land at – Senaca

Most of us want to accomplish something meaningful in life. How can a person do this without goals?

A life without a destination, without goals, senza goals is a life without hope that leads many to mediocrity, to survive instead of living to the fullest.

Therefore, if you want to overcome the obstacles of life, the first step is to materialize your goals.

Once you have identified your goals, you can develop a series of simple daily habits that will get you where you want to go without even realizing it.


The connection between goals and habits

Take for example the results of Jack LaLanne, the pioneer in the world of fitness.

The first gym in the world opened in 1936.

The machines that fill gyms today? He invented many of them.

All fitness videos and TV series? He was the first man who brought fitness to your living room.

And this is just his career.

Are you ready for something amazing?

LaLanne was so fit she has 70 years he swam for 1 mile towing 70 boats with 70 passengers.

It seems impossible but this is the photo that immortalizes him in the enterprise.

Jack LaLanne's feat while celebrating i 70 years swimming for 1 mile towing 70 boats with 70 people.

Jack LaLanne's achievements are so out of the ordinary that it's hard to translate them into our lives.

However, there is a lesson you can learn from Jack LaLanne that applies to almost everything in life.

You won't find out in its results, but in his habits.


The Habits Of Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanne believed in rituals and habits. He knew the power of positive habits in his life.

These are the main habits of Jack LaLanne that he carried on until his death in 96 years:

  • Waking up at dawn.
  • Eat raw vegetables and fruits.
  • To eat 2 meals a day.
  • Muscle training for 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of running or swimming.

A simple but effective list.

Imagine doing these things not just for a few days but for 60 years as Jack LaLanne. How many things could you accomplish.

You can achieve whatever goals you have in mind with key habits like graduating with 110&ships, get that job you want, travel the world, live up to 100 years without ever visiting the hospital while living a healthy life, happy and full of satisfaction.

If you want to learn how to create lasting habits, I recommend my course Mini Habits.

This course teaches you to create positive habits that will help you overcome any obstacles in life and achieve the goals you care about..

When we see someone who accomplishes something unreadable, it is easy to say that he has a natural or genetic talent and that you will never be able to. This thought takes away all responsibility.

The truth is, people who manage to achieve incredible milestones practice positive habits on a regular basis. They are simply more consistent than all the others.

It was his habits that made Jack LaLanne a champion of life.

When you look at the life of Jack LaLanne, it's easy to focus on his successes and overlook his habits.

Likewise, in your life it is easy to spend most of your time focused on transformation, big goals, dreams and rapid changes while forgetting that it is the daily habits that lead to long-term success.

Many prefer to procrastinate, continuing to delude himself that one day, if God want, they will accomplish their goals rather than doing the most logical and simple thing; create habits that allow him to overcome any obstacle.

If you want to achieve any kind of success in life either on a personal or professional level, the secret lies in the choice of habits.

Do not waste your life, start creating the right habits.

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